Passing in pairs (touches)

  • Organisation

    Multiple 5x5m boxes marked with cones.  A pair of players opposite each other on the ends of each box.  1 ball per pair.

  • Process

    Start by just simple passing back & forth between the pair.  When players are comfortable with that, 1 player in each pair is the leader and calls the number of touches the other player must take (the last touch being the return pass).  Switch leaders in each pair every 30 seconds.



    Same as before with leader calling the number of touches, but the leader serves each ball from the hands as a gentle toss to the other player who must then make the required number of touches in the air & volley it back.

  • Tip

    First touch is important - must be controlled well/cleanly so the return pass (or extra touches) can be done well.

  • Field size

    5x5m for each pair


Ball control

Passing [Short passing]

Training Set:

Main point




15 min

Number of Players:

1 - 5 players [2 players, 4 players]

6 - 9 players [6 players, 8 players]

> 10 players [10 players, 12 players]

Form of Training:

Training in pairs

Participating Players:

Whole team

Skill Level:


Training Location:

Indoor, Turf field, Grass field

Author: Mike Hodgson

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