Colored agility drill

  • Organisation

    1. Set up a 5x5 box with a different color cone in each corner.

    2. Player will begin in the center of the box

    3. Coach, while standing in front of the box will call out a color

    4. Player will quickly move to cone, touch it, & then move back to center

    5. While in center of square, player will continue to move feet

    6. When coach says "go" players will sprint to the cone in front of their square

    7. When players arrive at cone, they will stand on whichever foot coach designates to balance on.

    8. Coach can choose to have players perform unilateral jump laterally or forward & backwards and then sprint back to cones.


    Progressions: turn & sprint to cones, face same direction entire time, shuffle to cones

Training Set:

Main point


05 min

Form of Training:

Stations, Team training

Skill Level:


Author: Tara Hux

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