Zone game - 11v11

  • Organisation

    10v10 /11v11

    Team 1 (Blue): 1-4-3-3

    Team 2 (Yellow): 1-3-4-3

    Field to be divided into thirds. 

  • Process

    Two teams will play from 18 yard to 18 yard on a field divided into thirds. 

    In each end third teams will have 3 touches to progress the ball and 2 touches each in the middle third. 

    To score attacking team must play into final third with attacking players entering the final third at the same time as the ball. If they enter the final third before the ball enters the goal will not count. 

  • Tip

    1. Associative play (combinations)

    2. Switches of play (change point of attack)

    3. Ball speed (tempo of play)

    4. Positional play (rational distribution of space)

    5. Forward runs (infiltration) 

  • Field size

    3/4 of a full field / full field

Training Set:

Main point


Adult (from 18 years on)


35 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players [13 or more playersr]

Form of Training:

Team training

Skill Level:


Author: Marcial Munoz

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