4v4 with Striker zones

  • Organisation

    • 16 red cones (to mark the playing field)

    • 20 yellow cones (to mark the striker zones)

    • 2 big goals with goalkeepers

  • Process

    The game will be played with two teams in a 4v4 (5v5 is also possible).

    Both participating teams choose one striker that stays in the striker zone. Other attacking players are not allowed to enter this zone.

    The defenders are all allowed to enter and leave the striker zone, but not simultaneously.

    The goal is to pass the ball to the striker, so that he can take on the defender.

    Goals by the striker from inside the zone count twice, all other goals just count as one.

  • Tip

    Coaching Points:

    • This drill should improve the 1v1 skills of all players. Therefore, strikers should be switched frequently.

    • Special focus on the striker and his movements (Opening up, body feints, using his body against the defender)

    • Cover the ball properly, control the pass with the foot that is further away from the defender

    • Defender applies pressure on the striker's back: Striker should use his body to turn into the defender and stay in possession

    • Inside the striker zone: Either use quick movements to get open or use the body to cover the ball when receiving the pass

  • Field size

    Full width from the edge of the penalty area to the half-way line

Training Set

Main point


25 min


U13, U12, U23+


Crossing/Owning the box, Combinations


One on one, Positional play

General Training Goals


Training examples

Training Organization

Number of Players

8 players, 10 players, 12 players

Form of Training

Group training

Skill Level

Professional, Advanced

Participating Players

Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders, Goalie, Whole team


2 goalies


Defensive behaviors, Offensive behaviors, Part of a team

Spatial Behavior

Limited playing field

Training Location

Grass field, Turf field

Author: Tom Pilarski

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