Central Attacking in a 4-3-3

  • Organisation

    • 3 mini-goals
    • 6 cones to mark the field
    • Divide players into teams of 4 players
  • Process

    The defensive midfielder starts the drill by passing to one of the three strikers.

    After that, the attack continues in a 3v3 and the strikers try to score a goal.

    If the defenders win the ball, they can score on one of the three mini-goals.

  • Tip

    Coaching Points:

    • Control the ball with the distant foot or use your body to shield off the ball/ block the defender that is applying pressure

    • Have an open position when receiving the ball to take the first touch forward and into the center
    • Try to pass, dribble, and finish quickly. Don't give the opponents time to get into a good defensive position

Training Set

Main point


25 min


U13, U12, U23+


Direct play to the forwards, Four man backfield, Man down/Man up, Positional play

Training Organization

Number of Players

8 players

Form of Training

Group training

Skill Level

Professional, Advanced


1 goalie

Author: Tom Pilarski

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