• Organisation

    • 12 marking cones
    • 10 poles
    • 3 hurdles
    • 1 box, bench or stepping board
    • 10 rings
    • 5-6 mini hurdles (or with cones and poles)
    • 1 coordination ladder
    • 1 goal
    • 1 ball per player and balls at station 13

  • Process

    1. perform 5 push-ups

    2. guide the ball backwards with the right sole to the next cone.

    3. guide the ball backwards with the left sole to the next cone.

    4. guide the ball through the pole slalom (slalom with different stakes) with close ball control

    5. perform 5 push-ups

    6. run in tempo dribbling towards the hurdles

    7. pass the ball under the hurdles and jump over the hurdles in the final jump

    8. dribble with the ball towards the obstacle and play it out with a chosen feint and dribble further towards the center

    9. shot from the movement on the goal occupied by the goalkeeper

    10. loose run without ball and 10 steps on ball or bench (5x left + 5x right)

    11. run through the lying poles in a slalom. Direction of view always remains the same (direction of Pos. 12)

    12. header of the throw-in coming from position 13 and run to 13 to wait there for the next player 12

    13. throw-in to 12 (header height), accept header, leave ball and then run through coordination course

    14. tempo run through rings. Single ring: put each foot in, double rings: one foot right one foot left.

    15. tempo skipping sideways over mini hurdles (direction changes per run)

    16. run through coordination ladder (enter each field with both feet)

    17. run at speed to the end point, then run out (recovery phase) back to the start, taking the ball back with you.

  • Tip

    Coaching Points
    • the next player can start with push-ups when the first player has passed station 2
    • Course should be run at a slightly increased pace, with an increase from 13 onwards
    • 3 rounds per player should be run

Training Set

Main point


20 min


U13 - U23+


1 vs. 1, Catch / Save, Shooting, Ball control, Ballskill (Touch on the ball), Dribbling, Feinting/trick dribbling, Jump technique (parcour)


Coordination & Speed Training, Coordinative jumping (parcour), Flexibility


Power & Speed, Strength endurance, Back, Behind, Upper body, Pre-season conditioning, Conditioning, Fitness program, Soccer-specific endurance, Speed endurance, Speed of movement off the ball, Speed of movement with ball, Training of elementary endurance I

Training Organization

Number of Players

2 players, 3 players, 4 players, 5 players, 6 players, 7 players, 8 players, 9 players, 10 players, 11 players, 12 players, 13 or more playersr

Form of Training

Group training, Stations, Team training

Skill Level

Professional, Advanced


1 goalie

Author: Tactics easy2coach