Transition Game with Finishing

  • Organisation

    • 2 goals (with 2 goalkeepers)

    • 6 cones

    • 10 players

  • Process

    1. Player 1 dribbles towards the edge of the box and shoots on goal.

    2. Opponent (marked red) dribbles towards the penalty area and also tries to shoot on goal.

    Player 1 (marked gray) turns into a defender after shooting on goal himself and tries to block the other player's attempt (1v1).

    3. After shooting on goal or winning the ball, a gray player joins to make a 2v1 attacking sequence for gray.

    4. After another finish or winning the ball back, two players from team red come in.

    Now, the players in red have a 3v2 attacking situation.

  • Tip

    Coaching Points:

    • Fast transition, also mentally, from offense to defense and back to offense is key

    • Communicate after transitioning to defense to prevent the opponent from scoring fast or creating a goal-scoring opportunity.

Training Set

End, Main point, Progression


90 min


U14 - U19, U23+


Passing, Shot technique/shooting, Ball control, Ballskill (Touch on the ball), Dribbling, Feinting/trick dribbling, Running technique with/without ball, Trapping


Defensive/Offensive play, Opening the field, Improving the ability to read the game, Transitional play (shifting the game)


Coordination & Speed Training, Quick decisioning, Quick processing, Quick understanding of danger


Conditioning, Soccer-specific endurance, Speed of movement off the ball

General Training Goals


Training examples

Training Organization

Number of Players

> 10 players

Form of Training

Group training, Individual training, Team training, Training in pairs

Skill Level

Advanced, Beginner

Participating Players

Whole team


1 goalie


Alone training, Cooperation within the team, Groups

Spatial Behavior

Double penalty box

Training Location

Asphalt, Grass field, Indoor, Turf field

Author: Tom Pilarski

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