Warm up passing, 3rd man passing, dribbling

  • Organisation

    Two groups of players; 6 big cones; 2 poles; 8 small cones; 4 balls.

  • Process

    1-dribbling the ball to the orange cone, performing the feint

    2-pass the ball

    3-opening up (correct body position)

    4-pass the ball and move (5)

    6-wall passing and moving (7)

    8-passing to the 3rd man

    9-pass the ball and move

    10-wall passing (then the exercise begins anew)

  • Tip

    After passing the ball (2) "B" receives the ball from "A", dribbles around three cones, performs the diagonal pass to "C" and follows the passing

    The exercise is performed by two groups at the same time.

    Players change their positions by the next way: red cone-yellow cone-pole-blue cone-orange cone-red cone

  • Field size

    30x30 m

  • Cone margins

    10 m between stations (small cones, pole);

    1 m between big cones (dribbling exercise)

Training Set

Break, Main point


15 min


U13, U12, U14 - U19


Inside of the foot passing, One touch passes, Passing in a triangle, Short passing, Wall passes, Dribbling


Positional passing, Transitional play (shifting the game)


Quick processing



Training Organization

Number of Players

> 10 players

Form of Training

Methodical row, Stations

Skill Level


Participating Players

Whole team



Training Location

Grass field

Author: Aliaksandr Kalinichenka

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