Where can I find an overview of my team data?

    In the left navigation click on Team data to get to the team data module.

    What does the team data overview display?

    In the overview of your team data you will have the possibility to add a team photo (1). Click on “change image” and a new window will open. Upload an image (max. 10 MB) and you will have a new team photo.

    Click on “message to my team” (2) to send a direct message to all members of your active team. A new window will open, in which all contacts of your team will be selected. We show how to write a message here (link)

    In the section “members” (3) you will be directed to the “contacts” section of the address book module where you will be able to see all of your easy2coach members.

    In the section “coaching staff” you will see your own role in the selected team. Furthermore you will get an overview of all the different contacts that have a role in the team. You can create a new contact (link), invite a new contact (link) or manage your team (link).

    If you scroll down (5) you can directly access the team data, user rights, settings and goal types module.


    Using the quick navigation in the team data overview you can easily access other modules.

    You can create a new player  (link), or access the players overview

    You can create a new training day or access the statistics and overview of your practices.

    Click on “new event” and you can create a new event straight away. You can also access different views of your calender module (overview, monthly, weekly, daily).

    By using “new match” you can instantly create a new game. You can also access the overview and stastics of your games.

    You have the option to create a new tournament and view your tournament overview and stastics.

    Lastly you can create a new drill and access different sections of your drill module.

    Option 1: Create new players/contacts

    Option 1 is the easier option wenn it comes to creating multiple contacts at once. Just enter the contacts Name, surname, email address (optional) and their role. As soon as you select one input box, a new row will open for you to create another contact.

    By clicking “show more fields” you have the option to add further details and information about your contacts.

    Option 2: Creating individual contacts

    Option 2 is more detailled than option one is more suited for the creation of individual contacts. You will be able to enter more information such as address and phone number. You can also upload a profile picture which will be displayed on easy2coach.

    Creating new players/contacts via import

    The third option is importing the data from an excel file. Simply upload the file, click on the link and we will insert your  contacts for you.

    Active Modules

    In the section “active modules” you can decide which club modules you want displayed in your left navigation. If for instance you don’t want your team cash box to be displayed, simply uncheck it.

    Where do I find my teams Master Data?

    In the left navigation go to Team data and then Master Data.

    What does the master data module contain?

    In the master data module you will find an overview of your teams information. As a super admin you are able to change the name of your active team.

    You can choose which season should be displayed. This is can only be seen by you. HINT: To create a new season, you must click the “new season” button next to the season that is currently being displayed.

    If you are a super admin you can also choose a treasurer. Learn more about his/her role here (link)

    You can optionally insert all contact data of your team such as address, postal code, phone number.

    Upload photos

    On the right hand side of the master data module you are able top upload a team photo (1) or a team logo (2). Your team photo will be displayed in the team data module while your team logo will be visible on the start page (top left corner).

    Hit reset to delete already uploaded pictures.

    League setup

    In league setup (3) you can define the rules for the season. Define the duration of a match and how many players are allowed in the line-up.

    With Goals own at start, Goals against at start and Points at start you can accommodate for any penalties against your team or forfeited matches. This option only applies to your team. If you want to give other teams in your league extra points (or subtract), follow these instructions (link).

    Define how many points your team gets for a victory, defeat and draw. You can also set, how many teams get promoted or relegated. These will be marked in the league standings.

    Click on save (4) to save your changes.

    Create a new season

    On the bottom of the master data module, click “new season” and a new window will open (image). Choose a season (which are already predefined by us). You can choose a season that lasts longer than a year for ex 2018/19 or a saison that only runs for one year ´like 2019-1 and 2019-2. The second option can be used if you want to create separate seasons for the first and second half of the season. Select which data should be taken over into the new season. Click “create new season” and the new season will be created with the data you chose.

    Delete a team

    In the master data module, scroll to the bottom and click delete team and window will open (image). This will show you, that your team from the selected season will be deleted completely and the data of your team can not be retrieved. If you are sure you want to delete your team, click yes.

    Manage team

    In Manage team (address book->manage team) you will find all teams in which you have writing rights and you can now manage those teams with just a few clicks. Select the team you want to manage. Now you will see a list of all contacts who are part of the team. Check the contacts you want to manage. You can now select the roles you want to give to the checked contacts or delete the selected contacs. To completely delete a person from your team, you have to first delete the contact and then click “delete 1 person(s)” in the bottom right corner.