3v3 Flying Changes (COE)

  • Organisation

    30x20m or 25x20m

    4 small goals

    Markers, cones, bibs

  • Process

    - 3v3.

    - Coaches controls distribution.If the ball goes out, play starts from coach.

    - When a team scores they stay on and 3 new opponents step on the field to receive the ball.

    - If the round lasts longer than 1 min, 6 new players (2 new teams) step on the field.


    P1 – Players dribble out to initiate play.

    - When a team scores they stay on and 3 new opponents dribble out to initiate play (scoring team can press immediately).


    R1 – DF Team cannot start defending until the AT team passes halfway.

    R2 – Mark out a “free zone” in front of goal where DF cannot enter.

    R3 – 3v2.

    - One team always attacking, other always defending.

    - Switch roles.

  • Tip


    Offset a defender to beat them in the opposite direction.


    Dribble aggressively towards the goal (approach correct side of cones).

    Keep the ball close.

    Time the turn (distance &angle of approaching DF).

    Pace of movement (movement should be quick & sharp).

    Do not turn into the DF (hide the ball).

    Change of speed after performing the turn to beat the DF.

    Explosive speed away from the recovering DF.      


    Can you get the DF off balance?

    Can you move the DF one way and beat them in the opposite direction?

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis




20 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

Form of Training:

Group training

Skill Level:


Author: Ashley Besagar

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