The team management in easy2coach offers ideal opportunities for every football team. This online football software and team app is not only the first choice for thousands of amateur clubs and their coaches, international top clubs and national associations also rely on easy2coach as their exclusive football team management app..

Registration is 100% free and you can start your team administration directly.

With over 100,000 registered users from over 10,000 clubs – of all ages and performance classes – easy2coach is one of the leading team management apps in Europe.





It takes only 5min

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    Just register for free with your e-mail address.

  • Create your team

    Create your team and and enter your roster. After less than 5 minutes your team is created, training days added and maybe your first game planned.

  • Invite contacts

    Of course you can use easy2coach alone as a coach, but in the third step we recommend to invite all players, co-trainers and parents.

Thereafter, nothing stands in the way of a successful season. We support you and your team.


Registration on www.easy2coach.net or via app only takes a few minutes and is FREE.
After registering, you can create your own team with just a few clicks, record training days and plan games.

Track availabilities easily

Let your players sign-in and sign-off via app and run extensive evaluations at any time.

One app for all events

It has never been easier to plan your line-up and document all facts of your next matchday.

Well structured training days

Get a perfect overview of your training sessions and create your own training plans via web & app in less than 3min. Our partner and successful Bundesliga coach, Christian Titz, added some of his favorite exercises to the easy2coach exercise database.

500 exercises directly available

Thanks to the integrated exercise database with more than 3,000 individual exercises, your training plan becomes child’s play. In addition, with our integrated drawing and animation programs, you can intuitively and playfully create new exercises at any time.

Schedule and evaluate games

It has never been easier to plan your line-up and document all essential facts of your next matchday.

Every game right in your pocket

Game actions, lineups and important information can be accessed via the app and shared throughout the team.

Your team in one app

All coaches, players and parents can receive their own access so that the communication as well as the entire training and match organisation can be done in easy2coach.

Performance Charts & Reports

With just a few clicks, you can view and visualize performance curves and track records of your players to enable targeted and sustainable training.

What are you waiting for?

You have it in your own hands. Take your team to the next level.

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