Double Pass

  • Organisation

    Double Pass:  Two lines are formed 2 yards apart.  Player A, passes to Player B, then follows the shot.  Player B, Passes back to Player A.  Player A then Passes Back to Player B.  Player A then makes a lateral move, and Player B, Passes ball to Player C.

    Relay Pass:  Player C stands between Players A and B.  Player A passes to Player C, who opens hips, receives pass and relays it onto Player B. 

  • Process

    Who:  All players

    What: Two Drills:  1) Double Pass, 2) Relay ball from Player A to Player B.

    Where:  20 x 20 grid.  Can have multiple groups at a time.


  • Tip

    1. Pass the direction your facing.

    2. Double-pass

    3. Open hips and direct ball to player

  • Field size

    20 yards X 20 yards

  • Cone margins

    20 yards apart.

Training Set:





10 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

Form of Training:


Skill Level:


Author: Trent Tuckett

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