Dribbling with speed challenge

  • Organisation

    2 groups of 4
  • Process

    defender dribbles across and leaves the ball in front of attacker on the way by. Attacker takes good first touch to create space to accelerate and tries to knock one of 3 balls off a cone. Defender rounds a cone and provides chase. Tries to tag attacker out.
  • Tip

    good first touch quick acceleration you are faster without the ball Keep score to increase the intensity! For progression, change points on the cones to 3 for left, 2 for centre, 1 for right since the far right will be the easiest to get to For next progression add penalty line and allow more defending For third progression, have them finish from behind green cones

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis




05 min

Form of Training:


Skill Level:


Author: Tom Lacroix

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