One Touch Passing in a Square

  • Organisation

    Start with a 20 M Square and make smaller as you go to increase speed of play -- one touch passing
  • Process

    Forward- Back - Diagonal - Lateral - Into his path Player 1 plays an ball direct forward to player 2, Player 2 plays the ball back to Player 1. Player 1 plays a diagonal ball to Player 3, Player 3 plays a lateral ball to Player 2, Player 2 plays a ball into the path of Player 3 - rotate counter clockwise.
  • Tip

    Reverse to use the left foot. -- Variation 2 Add Check in and out -- Variation 3 Add Goal Behind Player 1 for a shot - Variation 4 - make a game - two sets side by side with a small goal behind player 2 - who ever scores the most goals in 2 minutes.
  • Field size

    Speed dependent

Training Set:





10 min

Number of Players:

1 - 5 players

Form of Training:

Group training, Team training, Individual training

Skill Level:


Author: John Auldridge

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