technical training 3

  • Organisation

    the 1st exercise we some turns skills with the ball.

    insite, outside the foot, pulling, stepping the ball, etc

  • Process

    1. 2nd exercise in the same space we play 1-2 and ask the ball into the space and pass to the other side. 

    2. play 1-2 run around the cone and the player who has the ball have to give a vertical pass. 

  • Tip

    passing, movement and finishings

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis, Progression


U14 - U19, Any, Adult (from 18 years on), U6 - U13


25 min

Number of Players:

6 - 9 players, > 10 players, 1 - 5 players

Form of Training:

Training in pairs, Individual training, Stations, Group training, Team training, Methodical row

Skill Level:

Beginner, Advanced, Professional, Any

Author: Marinos Satsias

Similar exercises - Training set:

Progression, Main point/Emphasis

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Back four - shift to the right with fixed positioning in the centre

Similar exercises - Duration:

25 Mins

Three team possession-pressure
2+2 v 2 with four goals
Build-up and play-out through 2 and 5

Similar exercises - Author:

Marinos Satsias

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