Lateral jump + throw

  • Organisation

    Construction of an obstacle course, according to the diagram. The goalkeeper stands on one side of the construction, the goalkeeper coach (GC) stands with the balls on the penalty spot.
  • Process

    The goalkeeper laterally jumps with one leg over the stanchions. After the last stanchion the GC throws a high ball at the goal, so that the goalkeeper really has to stretch in order to reach the ball. Intensity: 4-6 Balls. Afterwards change of legs. Learning aid: 1 Full-size goal, 5 stanchions
  • Tip

    - One-legged jumps=> serve the development of the ability to push off. (increasing maximum and explosive power with restricted goal kicking time), that is to say the take-off speed. Jump forwards off and land on the right foot’s ball of the foot. Short contact with the floor with an explosive sprint. The left foot hits the ground to the front. - Short ground-time. - For every defensive action the body has to be brought behind the ball. -- laterally shifted jumps (skier jump/movement) => with a torso bent slightly forwards, jump off forwards with alternating right and left legs (with the right leg; forwards right and with the left; forwards left). It is important that the take off and the landing occur on the balls of the feet, whereby the arms swing supportively. When the standing leg lands after the jump, the other leg is bent (no ground-time). Look straight ahead.
  • Field size

    Penalty Area
  • Cone margins

    the first hurdle is in line with the post. Distance to by-line: 3 meters Distance between hurdles: 1 meter


Ball control


Speed of movement off the ball

Strength [Leaping strength, Leaping power, Power & Speed, Strength endurance]


Quickness of reaction, Quick understanding of danger, Quick anticipation, Quick decisioning, Quick processing

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis


U14 - U19

U6 - U13 [Under 13, Under 12, Under 11, Under 10, Under 09, Under 8, U 07 (6-7 years)]


20 min

Number of Players:

1 - 5 players [Player, 2 players, 3 players, 4 players]

Form of Training:

Goalkeeper training, Individual training, Individual training, Group training

Participating Players:



Alone training, Groups, Alone training

Skill Level:

Advanced, Professional, Beginner

Spatial Behavior:

Penalty box

Training Location:

Grass field, Indoor, Forest/meadow, Asphalt, Turf field

Author: Easy2Coach EN GmbH

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