Shots with bounce

  • Organisation

    The goalkeeper trainer positions himself roughly 10-22 m away from the goal. A group of people is arranged between him and the goal. The goalkeeper is the goal and the balls are left with him.
  • Process

    The goalkeeper trainer shoots the balls against the group of people (the wall) at the goal. Resources: 1 field, goal(s)
  • Tip

    As soon as the goalkeeper sees the ball he must respond accordingly and try to save the ball or retain it. - The goalkeeper’s reaction time is delayed by the group of people and he has less time to react to the ball. - This exercise simulates a deflected shot. - The goalkeeper trainer can shoot the ball in different ways, e.g. a curved shot or an instep shot at the wall. - If the goalkeeper can’t save the ball, he throws it to the side. - The position of the wall should be changed again and again, so that the shooting position and the angle are different. - Depending on where the wall and the shooter meet and the strength of the shot, the trajectory and the speed of the ball will change.
  • Field size

    Penalty area


Ballskill (Touch on the ball)


Positional play


Speed of movement with ball, Speed of movement off the ball, Explosiveness

Strength [Leaping strength, Leaping power, Power & Speed]


Flexibility, Quick decisioning, Quick processing, Quickness of reaction, Quick understanding of danger, Quick anticipation

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis


U14 - U19

U6 - U13 [Under 13, Under 12, Under 11, Under 10, Under 09, Under 8, U 07 (6-7 years)]


20 min

Number of Players:

1 - 5 players [2 players, 3 players, 4 players]

Form of Training:

Individual training, Group training, Goalkeeper training, Individual training

Participating Players:



Groups, Goalkeeper behaviors, Alone training, Alone training

Skill Level:

Professional, Beginner, Advanced

Spatial Behavior:

Penalty box

Training Location:

Forest/meadow, Asphalt, Turf field, Grass field, Indoor

Author: Easy2Coach EN GmbH

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