Three team possesion-pressure

  • Organisation

    Rektangular space divided into Three smaller areas, two bigger and one smaller in the middle. One team in each area with equal number of players. The ball starts with one of the teams in the bigger areas.
  • Process

    The aim for the team with the ball is to make 5 passes in a row and then play the ball to the team in the opposite big area without the team in the middle intercept it. To of the playerns from the team in the middle are playing defense in the big area where the ball is. If the defending team intercepts the ballthey switch places with the team who lost the ball. The trainer plays a new ball to the next team.
  • Tip

    Regulate number of players, number of passes, size of the areas and number of players who defends in the big areas to adjust the difficulty for the attacking team.
  • Field size

    Big areas: 10x10 meters. Small area 3 x 10 meters.

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis


25 min

Author: Robert Johansson

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