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Time for a change.

No more expensive drawing and tactic apps. With our tool you can create drawings free of charge in any browser - on the computer, tablet and smartphone.
Dein Online Taktikboard für PC, Tablet und Smartphone

Create, change and present your exercises & tactics where, how and when you want - via web & app.

Thousands of soccer coaches already trust easy2coach Tactics. What about you?

Fußballübungen kostenlos zeichnen

Draw & animate soccer drills for free

Create powerful drawings, tactics and animations within seconds for your next training session or match day.

Own folder structure in your online soccer tactics board

Structure your drawings as you like. Create your own folders / sub-folders and move / copy your content as you like
Eigene Ordnerstruktur in deiner Online Fußball Taktiktafel
Über 250 Fußball-Icons in deinem Fußball Taktik Programm

Over 250 soccer icons in your soccer tactics program

No matter which game or training you want to visualize, you will find the right icons here.

... and of course there are many more features in your tactic board available.

e2c Tactics is extremely extensive and allows you to draw exercises or tactics in the simplest way.

Professional templates

We offer you ideal templates for a perfect start. You can simply copy these and use them for yourself. Of course we are continuously adding new templates.

Share your work

As the saying goes: sharing is caring. You can of course share your drawings via the common social media or send them to your team via WhatsApp / Email.

Export functions

Simply export your graphics as a JPG file or simply integrate your graphics into our other apps (e2c Team Manager / e2c Training).


It is well known that videos say more than 1,000 words. Therefore, we have summarized the functions of our digital online soccer tactics board in videos for you (shown in German but all features are available in English as well). Either for a romantic evening watching TV alone or for easy rewinding if you have any questions.

First steps

How can I create my own soccer drawings?

Open the online soccer tactics board app and create a first drawing as a first step. This is initially saved in your standard folder. In the second video, we explain how to adjust folders in your tactics program.

First steps

How can I create my own folders in my online tactics board?

Click on the + icon in the bottom right of your soccer tactic board. An input window will then open in which you can create a new folder. Once you've done this, the structure should be clear in your graphics program so we can start drawing.

First steps

Use icons correctly

In this video we show you the variety of icons in e2c Tactics. You can visualize any imaginable drill or tactical process. There are over 250 icons waiting for you.

First steps

Change playing fields

We have not only integrated numerous icons. The variety of playing fields will also inspire you. Whether inside or outside, small or large, we have integrated all types of playing fields.

First steps

Arrows, curves, texts

Whether dribbling, shooting on goal, passing or other types of lines. We can map all variants and, of course, edit them afterwards with ease.

First steps

Creating animations

Everyone can draw, but we can also do animations! With us you can present every tactical sequence or every drill in moving images and visualize it even better for your players.

First steps

Special icons

We wanted to design the best tactic board for soccer coaches and therefore integrated an incredible number of jersey icons from the 3rd Bundesliga to the CL.

First steps

Special features

As soon as you are familiar with the tool, you will discover numerous hidden features that will inspire you. We have summarized a few of them here.

First steps

Import / Export

Of course, you can also export all drawings (as .jpg) and all animations (as .mp4) so ​​that you can easily share them internally or on social media platforms.

Special for e2c power users

e2c interface

We have linked our soccer tactics board with our easy2coach Training and easy2coach Team Manager apps. What does that mean to you? You can add your drawings and animations to match days, training days and drills with one click.

We'll show you exactly how in the following two videos. Even though those videos are shown in German, all features are available in English as well. Please get in touch in case of any questions.

First steps

easy2coach Team Manager interface

In this video we show you how you can add your drawings and animations to training days, matches and drills in easy2coach Team Manager .

First steps

easy2coach Training interface

In this video we show you how you can add your drawings and animations to drills in the easy2coach Training app .

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Your online soccer tactic board can be used on the web. Always free of charge in the basic functions, of course.
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The BETA version is completely free. There are no costs for you to register. After the BETA phase, you can either use the extensive FREE version or the premium version.

Continuous updates

We have been developing Germany's leading soccer apps since 2010. Your data is safe and stored on our server in Germany. Quality controls included, of course.