COE (SA) Through Ball and Finish Technique

  • Organisation


    Primary – Finishing technique and weight of pass on through ball

    Secondary – timing and movement off ball to receive behind defenders 


    SET UP:

    • Distance from goal may vary according to physical attributes
    • ** Create enough space behind to help players understand timing (20-25m from goal)
    • GKs optional (more difficult = with GKs)
    • 4 x 3-minute round -- R finish; L finish; R finish; L Finish
  • Process


    • PASSER: Player in line initiates play by rolling ball with sole of the foot and play pass behind defender to allow teammate to finish on 1sttouch
    • FINISHER: When passer rolls ball with sole = cue to begin movement
      • Peel wide as teammate approaches (be level and outside defender)
      • Receive through pass behind defender
      • FINISH ON 1stTOUCH (emphasizes timing movement and proper weight of pass)
    • REGRESSION: 2-Touch (control before shooting)

Training Set:





15 min

Form of Training:

Individual training

Skill Level:


Author: Bryan Cadiz

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