Coordination ladder & Sprint with Goal Shot

  • Organisation

    • 2 coordination ladders
    • 6 cones
  • Process

    A plays the ball past the ladder and then performs an exercise within the ladder. Meanwhile, B starts towards the first cone and back. After completing the ladder, A passes the ball directly to B, who attempts a shot on goal. A takes B's position, and B takes A's position. Players C & D perform the same exercise on the other side with a time delay.

  • Tip

    Coaching Points

    • Vary the step sequence during the coordination ladder exercise.
    • Take the ball directly into motion.
    • Meet the pass actively.

Training Set

Main point


20 min


U14 - Men's / Women's


Goalkeeping techniques, Catch / Save, Passing, Short passing, Shot technique/shooting, Inside of the foot, Laces, Outside of the foot, Trapping



Training Organization

Number of Players

2 players - 22+ players


1 goalie - 2 goalies

Form of Training

Group training, Team training

Exercise level


Training Location


Author: Tactics easy2coach

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