Easy2Coach GmbH - Privacy Policy

Easy2Coach GmbH - Privacy Policy Last updated: May 9th, 2018

Easy2Coach GmbH is aware that a particularly sensitive handling of all personal data that users transmit to www.easy2coach.net or any of our apps is extremely important to the users. Our general policies are simple, and we clearly state what data we collect and why we do so. Your data is particularly protected by us.

The main purpose of data collection is to provide you with an optimal environment so that your team can organize itself as best as possible. Whether we provide you with features so that you can better manage training days, tournaments, games, events, tasks, or acceptances/rejections, whether we present you with a media library of football exercises and training plans at the touch of a button so that you can plan your own training as quickly as possible, whether we work with football services so that you can access preferred products and technologies, or whether we offer you responsive customer support so that you can work with easy2coach smoothly at any time - our highest goal is to make team organization as easy as possible for you.

With this privacy policy, we would like to inform you in detail about which personal data we collect from you, either directly or indirectly, and how we use this personal data. In these data protection policies, we also show you how you can control the use of your data.

First, a brief definition of personal data: Personal data is information about you that we can link to you at any time or that allows us to identify you clearly.

When we refer to the website or easy2coach below, we mean all easy2coach products, the website www.easy2coach.net, and the iOS and Android apps from easy2coach (www.easy2coach.net/apps). Furthermore, this privacy policy also applies to all websites and other interactions controlled by easy2coach outside the Internet (e.g. participation in an event of easy2coach).

Please read the following data protection policies completely and carefully so that you clearly understand what personal data easy2coach collects, uses, and shares. Basic formulations such as "easy2coach", "website", "us", or "we" all refer to Easy2Coach GmbH.