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This app gives you the widest selection of proven football exercises and game forms that can be accessed in an app. More than 250 exercises are completely free of charge, so that a varied, professional, and age-appropriate training program can be created in just a few seconds.

Due to numerous collaborations with Bundesliga clubs and DFB licensed soccer coach Christian Titz, an immense amount of tactical expertise has led to the creation of high-quality training content, which has now become accessible for all coach thanks to the e2c Training App.

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Over 250 football exercises for FREE

Yes, you've read that correctly. More than 250 football exercises are completely FREE for your next training session. Simply download the apps for iOS or Android and you can easily access and use any exercise via smartphone or tablet.

Create your own watch lists

Over 10,000 coaches from the lowest divisions to the Bundesliga organize themselves under as well as in the easy2coach apps and share their coaching expertise. Numerous fresh and field-tested football exercises are thus guaranteed daily and can be structured in watch lists easily. Build your own personal exercise database with just a few clicks.

Training plans with easy2coach

To allow perfect access, the exercises have been divided into the main categories technique, tactics, condition, coordination, set pieces and general training goals. Thus, exercises for specific age groups, numbers of players, training locations and training focuses can be found with just one click.

And of course, with the easy2coach App every training can be planned immediately. Just check out video.

Access favorites with just one click

You can easily create favorite lists with your favorite exercises in easy2coach. With just one click, you can open them and plan your next training session.

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Your training is perfectly organized

Start today for free and take your soccer training to the next level. Below you will see, why organizing a training day without easy2coach will no longer be an option.

You can then fully use both our apps and our web portal at

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