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Developed exclusively for soccer

Are you tired of poor player evaluations? Are your players or parents unsatisfied with your training drills or training sessions? Do you want to be a coach who is respected and honored by his team? Then we have what you've been looking for. Our team management app was developed to the exact specifications of the modern game and consistently optimized over the years.

More than a standard team app

Of course, we offer the same features as other standard team management apps. However, if you wish, you can activate numerous additional modules & features with us that have been developed exclusively for soccer. This team app combines all the requirements of a soccer team in one app, so that other applications are not important anymore.
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easy2coach Fußball Apps für Mannschaftsverwaltung und Fußballtraining

Compatible with all easy2coach apps

The e2c Team Manager grants you access to more than one hundred soccer exercises for your next training session. If the web app is not enough for you, simply log into the team app for iOS / Android, create your own drawings and animations in e2c Tactics or simply plan your next training with our football training app e2c Training. With one single user account you will have access to all easy2coach apps.

Make your team unbeatable

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Check out what some of our customers say about us.

Uwe Scherr (Web & App User)

We have been working successfully with easy2coach for years - the knowledge gained from this for me and my club is priceless. All coaches, players and parents have their own access. The compatibility further allows a smooth communication process and precise planning of training sessions, match-ups, and tournaments all via the easy2coach apps.

Jörg Hahn (Web & Android App-User)

I am a youth coach and have been working with easy2coach for 10 years now. I can only recommend the app, it makes communication with my team a lot easier.

Steven Linder (Web & iOS App-User)

I had a different app before but that's nothing against this app !! Clear, easy to use and a lot of drills! Easily explained drills that can be easily integrated into my training sessions. I am more than satisfied ... I can only recommend it 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Christian Föst (Web & App User)

Our coaches use easy2coach every day for training and match planning as well as for internal and external player ratings. I am very satisfied with the clear user guidance and the extensive possibilities of the software and can only recommend the use of the software to every coach and club.

Digitalize your training

Availabilities and absences can be sent to the coaching staff with one click. We take care of the statistical evaluation for you.

One app for all appointments

It has never been easier to plan your next training days and to record all the details of your next match day.

Better coaching

Your session planning is now fast and easy thanks to the integrated drill database with hundreds of individual exercises.

Create drills

Create new drills intuitively and playfully and save them in your personal drill library.

Digital cash box

Contributions or fines for certain actions, but nobody knows what else they have to pay? We turn chaos into a documented system

Schedule match days

Lineups and more matchday information can be documented and accessed on the go easily.

Don't miss any details

Match actions and important information can be accessed via the app and shared with all fellow team members.

Your team

Coaches, assistant coaches, players and parents have their own access so that all forms of communication can take place on easy2coach.

Statistics & Reporting

With just a few clicks, your players' performance curves and success rates can be visualized and evaluated

Roles & Access rights

Are you a coach? Then assign individual reading and writing right for assistant coaches, players, and parents.

iOS / Android

Our powerful web app is fully compatible with our iOS / Android easy2coach Team Manager app. Here you can find more information.

However, we offer many more features.

The e2c Team Manager is extremely extensive and makes daily tasks easier not only for coaches, but also for players and parents.

Calendar with all events

All important training days, matches, tournaments, and general events in one app. It can be synchronized with other calendars via iCal as well.

Voting in the team

Do you know doodle lists? You don't need any more now. You can create extensive votes in the e2c Team Manager app.

Detailed statistics

Whether detailed player, training, tournament or match statistics - our in-depth examination provides specific results and features that ultimately make you and your team more successful.

Team messaging

Share messages with other team members or distribute important information directly to specific roles.

Important news

Simply pin important news to your dashboard by a certain date so that all team members can see this information.

Customized dashboard

All modules and important information in one place. Of course, you can customize your dashboard as you wish.

Acceptance and cancelation deadlines

Set your own confirmation and cancelation deadlines by when team members have to record their own availability.

Individual catalog of penalties

Nothing is static in the e2c Team Manager app. Create your own disciplinary action guidelines and assign them to your team members if necessary.

Push Notifications

Don't miss any news anymore and be informed directly about confirmations, changes and news.


Synchronize your personal calendar with the e2c Team Manager calendar with just one click.

Files and images

Upload documents and pictures for players or individual events. Share them with certain roles and set up your own document management.

Parent roles

Easily link parents to player accounts. Parents can accept and reject events for their kids, complete tasks or vote on behalf of their child.

Contacts & schedule imports

Import contact lists via smartphone / Excel list or import entire relay schedules via XLS in a few seconds. We are happy to support you during that process

Assign tasks

Who's in charge of training equipment? Who is organizing the carpools?


Use the e2c Team Manager in German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Hungarian or Croatian.

Free of charge via web & app

The e2c Team Manager can be used via the web or the iOS / Android app. Of course, in the basic version always free of charge.
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Continuous updates

We have been developing Germany's leading soccer apps since 2010. Your data is safe and stored on our server in Germany. Quality controls included, of course.