GFA GK Warm Up - Various Distribution

  • Organisation

    18 yds x 20 yds area.

    Four (4) 8yd gates marked off by poles or markers along the area specified.

  • Process

    Ball starts with the GK labeled "Start" in the illustration. GK will send a lofted ball to the GK across, after handling the ball. The GK will throw the ball back across to the GK. The GK will then set the ball down and roll it to the GK to the right. The receiving GK will control the ball and then take a shot towards the GK across. The GK will safely handle the ball and then roll it to the GK on the right where the play started.


    GK's will do about two (2) rounds each before rotating. After all GK's complete, switch the ball going to the left side.

Training Set



05 min



Training Organization

Number of Players

4 players

Form of Training

Goalkeeper training

Skill Level


Author: Ross Awa