e2c Training - easy2coach Fußballtraining App mit 3.000 Fußballübungen und 250+ Trainingsplänen

Are you a soccer coach?
Then this app should be your constant companion.

3-24 months
  • Hundreds of drills
  • Premium features App features Unlimited favorites Unlimited watch lists Create own drills Create own training plans Premium features in the web portal for the training day and exercise/drill module incl. training statistics and pdf prints


Take your team to the next level

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Take a look at what some of our customers say about our training offer .

Christian Titz (Author, DFB-soccer coach, Former Bundesliga coach)

My constant companion on the field - Over the last 10 years I have put a lot of work into creating my training course and I am happy to be able to share my know-how with all coaches at this point.

Lews Holtby (Professionel soccer player)

Great training course for every coach - Thanks to the fantastic individual coaching with Christian Titz, I was able to improve my individual strengths significantly. Great drills.

Tom Dooley (Former professional player and US national player)

Great training theory - Depending on the coach's match philosophy, the main drills can be integrated very well into the weekly coaching at any time.