Moves & Feints Warm-up (COE)

  • Organisation

    20m distance; 5m lanes

    Mini goals, markers, cones, balls

  • Process

    - First players in each line dribble out to the cone with speed and perform the technique as directed by the coach.

    - Each technique should be performed at speed moving both to the left & right.

    - After performing the move/feint, score in goal.


    Approach to one side of the defender:

    1. Roll over + push.

    2. Drag + push.

    3. V pull + push.

    Approach straight at the defender:

    1. Side step.

    2. Double side step.

    3. Scissors.

    4. Double Scissors.

  • Tip


    Quality manipulation of the ball; quality movement with the ball.


    Set-up – Dribble at the opponent appropriately to set up feint/movement (straight or to one side depending on feint/movement).

    Good control of the ball on approaching the opponent.

    Timing of the movement.

    Quality of movement of the ball.

    Pace of movement of the ball.

    Explosive speed away from recovering defender.

Training Set:

Main point/Emphasis




10 min

Number of Players:

> 10 players

Form of Training:

Individual training

Skill Level:


Author: Ashley Besagar

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