Three-way One-Two in a box

  • Organisation

    Set up a box



  • Process

    1. Player A passes to player B

    2. Player B lays the ball off to player A who runs in the middle

    3. Player A plays the ball to Player b who moves to the side (towards the outer cone), Player A then takes up the position of player B

    4. Player B passes to player C

    5. Player C lays the ball off to player B who runs in the middle

    6. Player B plays the ball to player C who moves towards the outer cone. Player B then takes up the position of C.

Training Set

Progression, Main point


35 min


U11 - U19


Ball control, Passing, Trapping


Quick processing


Speed of movement off the ball, Speed of movement with ball

Training Organization

Number of Players

3 players - 5 players

Form of Training

Game Systems, Group training, Individual training, Team training, Training in pairs

Exercise level

Difficult, Easy, Intermediate

Spatial Behavior

Spatial Behavior

Training Location

Indoor, Pitch

Author: Easy2Coach Database

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