Only the best for your team. Activate all Premium features for your entire team & all users in our e2c Team Manager.

Activate PREMIUM

Plan training day, match ups and general appointments extremely quickly

Create training days, match days, tournaments and general events with just a few clicks.

Quickly informed by email and push

E.g for nominations, confirmations and cancelations, new / updated absences and event.

Share important information via WhatsApp

With one click you can send important details to individual recipients or groups

Clear overview of who canceled and when

Find out who and when someone canceled an event and when it was last updated

Acceptance and cancelation deadlines

Set your own acceptance and cancellation deadlines by when team members have to updated their availability status.

Assign tasks

Assign locker services, material services or driving services to your team members.

Subscribe to the calendar

All events can be synchronized with one click via iCal.

Never miss important news

Simply mark & ​​pin important news to your dashboard by a certain date.

Share files and images

Upload documents and pictures for players or individual events.

Unlimited storage space

Your TeamCloud storage space is not limited

Define parent roles

Easily link parents to player accounts via the app.

Internal team funds module

including contribution payments, penalties, catalog of penalties, one-off payments

Inform team members about team funds

As a treasurer, you can send important information to all members at any time.

Import contacts & match ups

Import lists via smartphone / Excel list.

Export important data

Export statistics, performance reports, calendar data and contact details as an Excel file

Send team messages

Share news or important information with your team.

Share votes / surveys in the team

Vote quickly on the next team trip, captain or jersey colors

Visualize graphical line-ups

Record all match actions & match details for a match up

Capture free formations

Add your own graphic formations and tactical arrangements

Create and schedule visiting players

Easily add guest players to training days, match days and tournaments

Unlimited number of contacts and team members

Whether basic or premium, we do not limit your contacts or the number of users.

Browse 200 drills in the web portal

Get inspiration by 200 drills on the web portal

Plan practice sessions with hundreds of drills

Create your training plan with training groups, training parts and add drills from the drill database

Create your own drills

Create your own drill archive by creating your personal drills and sharing them within the team / clubs

Create your own drawings / animations

Our integrated drawing and animation software enables you to visualize your own set plays

Set individual authorizations

Define team roles by allowing or disallowing team members the right to read or comment

Record your own goal types

Edit the standard goal types or add your own goal types for an even more detailed analysis.

Create your own absences / injuries

Edit the standard reasons or add your own reasons for absences and injuries.

Get detailed team statistics

In-depth statistics about players, training sessions, matches, and tournaments.

Analyze player development

Comprehensive performance evaluations including logs, workload calendars and statistics

Print calendar weeks, training plans, line-ups, match preperations etc. as PDF

Perfectly prepared printouts for calendar weeks, training days, match ups and tournaments

Delete contacts



3, 6 oder 12 Monate

Choose your term

3 months
  • For the entire team
  • Total: 41,85€ Total value 3 months (3*13,95€) Invoicing takes place once at the beginning of the term. With 20 players approx. € 0.69 / month per player
6 months
  • For the entire team
  • Total: 71,70€ Total value 6 months (6*11,95€) Invoicing takes place once at the beginning of the term With 20 players approx. € 0.60 / month per player
12 months
  • For the entire team
  • Total: 131,40€ Total value 12 months (12*10,95€) Invoicing takes place once at the beginning of the term With 20 players approx. € 0.55 / month per player

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