2 Touch Shooting

  • Organisation

    2 Passing Station

    Scoring Zone 12m away from the goal

    Markers, Balls

  • Process

    - 1 player standing on te witches hat and the other on the marker.

    - Player 1 receive with furthest foot take a touch pass the witches hat and shoot w/inside foot.

    - Gets back into position and receive the ball from player 3 receives on their furthest touch takes the touch past the withces hat and shoots w/inside foot.

    - Players rotate (Red Arrows)


    1. Different shot type: instep, run-on, outide, volley, head, ect.

    2. Move markers to receive from different angles (behind, in front, ect.)


    P1 - Passer to apply pressure after pass.


    R1 - Have players start with the ball and take a touch toward goal then shoot.

    R2 - Have players place the ball on the side of the cone then shoot(static).


  • Tip


    Setting up a shot



    Players to check shoulder before they receive (Know where the defenderis).

    Take the pace off the ball on touch.

    1st touch to set the strike to goal.

    Angle of approach.

    Inside of the foot strike (larger surface area easier to control accuracy).

    Plant foot close to the ball, not reaching.

    Hips open to far post, swing around.


    Can you take your 1st touch to face the goal and shoot?

    Can you score in the corners of the goal?


Training Set

Main point


15 min


U14 - U19

Training Organization

Number of Players

> 10 players

Form of Training

Group training, Individual training

Skill Level


Author: Ashley Besagar

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