GFA GK Warm Up

  • Organisation

    One GK will start in a good starting positiong in front of the goal. The three servers will be in and around the 18 yard bow (penalty box). One server will be at the top of the 18, the other two will be at the corner of the 18 yard box (penalty box).

  • Process

    Goalkeeper will start in a good starting position. Two servers will have a ball, while one will be a receiver without a ball.

    The Goalkeeper will need to find the open player. The central server will push pass the ball to the goalkeeper who must use the right technique to collect the ball. After controlling the ball, the Goalkeeper must look to distribute the ball to the open player.

    After distributing the ball to the receiving player (who will now be a server), the next server with the ball will push pass the ball to the GK who must look to handle the ball properly before distributing to the open player.

    *Each GK will receive and distribute about six (6) times before rotating with the next GK.



    After all GK's worked on their receiving and distribution by feet, the GK's will now work on handling the ball using the W-technique, Cup and scoop.

    Service will change to various shots.

    Distribution will either be a roll, javelin or overhand throw to the receivers.

  • Tip

    - The Goalkeepers' starting positiong in relation to the ball.

    - The movement into the line of the ball.

    - The assessment as to which technique will be the most appropriate.

    - The quality of the first touch.

    - The weight of the pass.

Training Set

Main point


05 min


U14 - U19


Catch / Save, Goal kicks, Inside of the foot passing, Long passing, Short passing, Ball control, Trapping


Opening the field from the goalkeeper, Improving the ability to read the game

Training Organization

Number of Players

4 players

Form of Training

Goalkeeper training

Skill Level



4 goalies


Cooperation within the team, Goalkeeper behaviors, Part of a team

Spatial Behavior

Double penalty box, Free space

Training Location

Turf field

Author: Ross Awa

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