Y - Drill - 1st Variation

  • Organisation

    Set up 4 small cones in the shape of a Y. The bottom of the Y and the base of the Y should be 5-10 yards apart. The peaks of the Y should be 12 yards from the base. A player should be stationed at each cone. The line should form behind the player at the bottom of the Y.

  • Process

    The player at the bottom of the Y starts with the ball. He passes the ball to the player at the base of the Y 5-10 yards in front of him. The player at the base of the Y returns the pass first-time, and takes a defensive posture. The player at the bottom of the Y then plays it first time to one of the players at the peaks of the Y who are both checking their run. The player at the bottom of the Y continues his run past the defender so that he can receive the pass first time from the player he played the ball to. He then plays the ball to the player on the opposite peak who is making a run towards goal for a finish.


Ball control, Trapping, Ballskill (Touch on the ball), Passing, Running technique with/without ball

Shot technique/shooting [Inside of the laces passing]


Positional passing, Positional play


Speed of movement off the ball, Speed of movement with ball


Quick decisioning, Quick understanding of danger, Coordination & Speed Training

Training Set:

End, Main point/Emphasis, Progression


Training examples, Game Systems


Any, U14 - U19

U6 - U13 [Under 09, Under 10, Under 11, Under 12, Under 13]


45 min

Number of Players:

1 - 5 players [3 players, 4 players, 5 players]

6 - 9 players [6 players]

> 10 players [13 or more playersr]

Form of Training:

Individual training, Team training, Group training

Participating Players:

Whole team


1 goalie


Groups, Part of a team, Alone training, Cooperation within the team

Skill Level:

Any, Beginner, Professional, Advanced

Spatial Behavior:

Half-field, Limited playing field, Free space

Training Location:

Grass field, Indoor, Turf field, Asphalt

Author: Matthew Ludwick

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