Dribbling-Octagon with Quick Reactions

  • Organisation

    • 8 cones (4x red; 4x blue)

    Build a square, which marks the center of the field, with four red cones.

    Apply two cones to each lenght-side of the square to create an octagon.

  • Process

    Each of the five players receives a number and will dribble in the red square.

    The coach will give instructions about specific dribbling and control drills.

    On the coaches count, the player called out (e.g. Player 1) must dribble the ball around the blue cones and back with high tempo.

  • Tip

    Coaching Points:

    • force players to react quick

    • players should combine dribbling accuracy with high tempo dribbling

    Form of Variation:

    When the player reaches the blue cones outside the square, he should perform a quick but effective body feint and dribble back into the red square.

    Adding the body feint will make this drill even more game realistic.

Training Set



10 min


Ball control, Ballskill (Touch on the ball), Dribbling


Improving the ability to read the game


Quick processing, Quickness of reaction


Speed of movement with ball

General Training Goals


Warm-up games

Training Organization

Number of Players

5 players

Form of Training

Group training

Skill Level


Participating Players

Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders



Spatial Behavior

Limited playing field

Training Location

Asphalt, Grass field, Turf field

Author: Tom Pilarski