small side game crossing+finishing

  • Organisation

    create a pitch with 4 side squares and place 2 big goals. 5v5 in the pitch with 1 wing per square, 2 per each team

  • Process

    is a game 5v5 in the pitch. Goal is valid just if assist comes from the wing. The wing, in the square, cannot be attacked and had 2 touches (control+cross)

    ATTACKING TEAM: open up the game to the side and win the contact in the box. FOCUS: to have in the box at least 3 players, one running to first post, second to second post and another on the edge of the box.

    DEFENSIVE TEAM: make density and mark up 1v1 effectively with the opponent player in the own zone. FOCUS: mark up and comunication

    VARIANT: gol from the cross, 2 points - from shooting from the own half, 1 point

Training Set



15 min

Training Organization

Number of Players

8 players, > 10 players

Form of Training

Team training

Author: Antonio Console