Attacking in the Final Third: 4v0

  • Organisation

    • Use 6 dummies to simulate the back four and the defensive midfielders
    • Attacking players fill the striker, attacking midfielder, and winger positions
    • Place two training poles in the two corners of the big goal to stimulate the precision of the shooting
  • Process

    • The attacking midfielder starts by dribbling towards the dummies and then passing the ball to the striker (9).
    • The striker controls the ball, turns and passes the ball to either number 7 or 11, who do alternating runs on the wings.
    • Number 7 takes his touch forward and passes into the middle to number 9, who finishes on goal.


    Play multiple passing patterns (e.g.: Number 10 passes the ball out to 7, who plays a one-two with number 9 and crosses afterwards)

  • Tip

    Coaching Points:

    • Variation to introduce the drill: Let the players build the attack without any tactical restrictions like specific passing patterns or limited touches

    • As the drill progresses, focus on game-like intensity and quality

    • Clinical finishing

  • Field size

    Half of the field

Training Set

Main point


25 min




Shot technique/shooting


Direct play to the forwards, Overlapping, Simple play, Wing play without opponents, Systems of play, Tactics

General Training Goals


Building an attack over the wings, Training examples

Training Organization

Number of Players

4 players

Form of Training

Group training

Skill Level


Participating Players

Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders


Offensive behaviors

Spatial Behavior

Half-field, Penalty box

Training Location

Grass field, Turf field

Author: Tom Pilarski

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